About us


It all began in 2005 with the production of acrylic teeth – artificial teeth. In two years we started producing artificial teeth moulds internally which made us control the quality and aesthetic of our acrylic teeth brands. As the needs of dental sector is changing, we started in 2010 our conventional composite artificial teeth manufacture. In 2012 we started to produce hybrid composite teeth to have a more efficient product.

Research and Development is our key. Clinical studies are done with local universities. Mechanical tests are done internally and in the laboratories of the universities. Cad/Cam usage in dental sector now brings manufacturers to produce reliable products which can be used easily with dental cad/cam machines. We started to produce our acrylic Cad/cam blocks as mono color, translucent and multi layer discs. Hybrid composite Cad/Cam blocks also available in universal sizes for long term temprories.

Dental composites for laboratories is also our new product field. We bring the quality of our hybrid composite material used in artificial teeth brands, to second generation dental lab composites for framework-supported and framework-free dental restorations. With ease of use, high dental aesthetic, hardness and flexibility are key features of high end dental restorations.

Artificial teeth manufacturers, especially conventional acrylic teeth manufacturers needs hybrid composite brands which is the future dental raw material. R&D is a must and it is very hard to have Hybrid composite material. As FSM Dental, we also produce artificial teeth moulds for other teeth manufacturers and also supply hybrid composite mixtures for the production of artificial teeth in their brands for some countries