Semi Composite Teeth

Duofact Teeth

Second Generation Hybrid Composite teeth material, natural looking teeth forms, highly esthetic teeth moulds, different forms. DuoFact hybrid composite teeth with its wide range of forms offers a high degree of flexibility in all areas of removable prosthetics.




DuoFact Geometry & Appearance

DuoFact hybrid teeth, with 2 upper anterior tooth forms is Ergonomic, Simple and Quick solution for dentists and patients. Even after grinding DuoFact teeth to a shell-like thickness, it shows exceptional shade accuracy.

Suitable lower anterior tooth and posteriors are available for each indication and all requirements. Dentist and dental technician communication simplified with clearly-structured presentation of the forms.

DuoFact Material

nteriors used in DuoFact prosthesis teeth is highly crosslinked pmma material. Thanks to multilayer structure of the anteriors, it exhibits enough wear resistance on the other hand bond strength to denture base acrylic is excellent. With highly crosslinked pmma material, it differs from conventional acrylic artificial teeth considering physical properties. Posteriors used in DuoFact denture teeth is highly wear resistant second generation hybrid composite material. Thanks to multilayer structure of the posteriors, it exhibits excellent bond strength between dentin/enemal layers and excellent bond strength to denture base acrylic.

DuoFact Prosthesis Teeth Appearance

The incisal edge of DuoFact brand hybrid composite tooth is well defined and the life-like gradation enables a deeply translucent appearance. The entire tooth covered by transparent enamel with tapering in the cervical area to achieve maximum aesthetics.

Prosthesis Teeth 28’th Set

Fluorescence is a feature that is found in natural teeth and when exposed to ultraviolet rays, tooth appearance turns a white-bluish shade. This is a feature found in all FSM Dental denture tooth brands as well as DuoFact tooth brand to give it an even more natural look.

DuoFact;teeth scala

Range of 16 shades

Moulds of;

22 upper anteriors, 8 lower anteriors