IPN Teeth - Star Plus

Star Plus Teeth

Aesthetic Teeth Moulds shape highly cross-linked Acrylic material to bring Star Plus Artificial Prosthesis Teeth Star Plus acrylic denture teeth with wide variety of aesthetic forms are used for many years with satisfaction of patients.




The main characteristics are:

•High hardness.

• Excellent resistance to abrasion.

• Colour stability.

• Good resistance to plaque adhesion.

• High aesthetical effect due to the superimposition of the layers and due to the crown cut of incisal edges;

• Particular chemical-physical resistance due to the use of a high molecular weight resin;

• Large assortment of moulds and shades which make the teeth adaptable to any prothesis requirement.

Star Plus;teeth scala

Range of 16 shades

Moulds of;

22 upper anteriors, 8 lower anteriors 6 posteriors.